Who the heck are we?

You don't really want to know, but if you insist...

What is a Grok?

verb: Grok

Understand (something) intuitively."because of all the commercials, children grok things immediately"empathize or communicate sympathetically; establish a rapport.


A word coined by Robert Heinlein, American science fiction writer, from the book "Stranger in a Strange Land".

We have many more games in store, and we strive to make games that are easy to learn, hard to master, and that are innovative
in game mechanics and dynamics. We Grok games!!!

Our Team

Travis Schulze:

Owner/Game designer/Artist/

Dude that makes stuff pretty

Stephan Pearson:

Owner/Game designer/

Communications and research/ Pearson you can complain to

David Fore:

Owner/Game designer/Accountant/

Game mechanic guy